Kirpal Singh

True Religion is

True Religion is – when man has learnt to live in accordance with the Divine Will.

Mankind is One and God is One. We worship the same God. Worshipping the same God – there may be many archers, but the goal is one – certainly, we should also have Love for each other. You will find that two drunkards will embrace each other, notwithstanding whether they are from the East or the West or to which religion they belong. But do you also find that amongst those who pretend to love God – among the followers of one religion or the other? If they are Lovers of God, they should sit together and love each other.

We are all embodied Souls. The Lover of God has Love for all souls. The soul is a conscious entity and of the same essence as God. As a matter of fact, we form a True Brotherhood.

We are One with God, One in God and those, who love God, will naturally love the whole mankind. When you have realised yourself and God, you will come in contact with God and then you will realise, that He resides in every form. Naturally, you will have Love for all. This is the rock, I would say, on which mankind should stand in order not to fall anymore.