The Gurumat Sidhant

To the – Gurumat Sidhant –


The Gurumat Sidhant, a monumental basal opus of Spirituality, was written by Kirpal Singh in 1939 under the Inner Dictation of His Master. Out of gratitude towards His Master Baba Sawan Singh, He published it under Sawan Singh’s name. Please read ‘About Chapter XII’.

Sawan Singh working Kirpal Singh working


Kirpal Singh has written the Gurumat Sidhant in Gurmukh / Punjabi.

When I was writing that book Gurumat Sidhant, one writer came to visit and was sitting by me at night. I started at nine o’clock, went on writing, writing as fast as possible. He was sitting watching me. It was ten, it was eleven o’clock, it was twelve midnight, one o’clock. ‘From where are You writing?’ he said. ‘There’s nothing before You to copy.’ I told him, ‘My Master dictates to me. I’m writing so fast because I cannot keep up to Him.’ (chuckles)

Whatever thoughts come up without thinking are always perfect.

Kirpal Singh