The Soul’s Journey

To – The Soul’s Journey –


A Description of the Holy Path of the Creation

This book contains a composition of several descriptions of the Inner Realms – which each soul has to pass on its journey back to its True Home – and some experiential reports by disciples of Kirpal Singh. 

All these texts show, that the Way of Sant Mat is a practical one and that the sincere seeker after Truth may have indeed an Inner Experience of the God-Power as they are described by Kirpal Singh and other Saints.

May this book serve all those, who have received a so-called initiation by false master, in order to realise where they stand and what they have received in fact: the True Initiation or just mere words and promises.

From the experiential reports it appears, that even today, many years after the phyiscal departure of Kirpal Singh, souls receive the True Initiation and may enter the Path of Sant Mat. As soon as the True Initiation is granted, they are given an Inner Experience of the Light and Sound Principle at the very first meditation sitting and they get a demonstration of how to put into practice the meditation exercises in the right way. The Living Master is their constant companion and protects them day and night.

This book is no alternative for the teachings of the Saints, but it gives a clear overview of the Inner Journey of the Soul back to its Home – the Abode of the Almighty.