Kirpal Singh

The Term Spirituality is not to be confused with

Excerpt from the Book ‘Spirituality – What it is’

The term Spirituality is not to be confused with,

  1. Spiritism – or belief in the existence of spirits apart from matter, which when disembodied haunt the nether regions as ghosts or the lower planes of the astral regions as angels.

  2. Spiritualism – or belief in the survival of the human personality and in communication between the living and those who have ‘passed on’ in the form of spirit rapping and planchet writing etc.

  3. Mesmerism – or producing a state of trance by the consciously exerted animal magnetism of the operator so as to subordinate the willpower of his subject.

  4. Hypnotism – which produces a kind of deep sleep in which the consciousness is suspended and the patient is made susceptible to the suggestions of the hypnotist.

Spirituality, on the contrary is the science of developing Higher Consciousness in man, on the level of the soul and making one transcend from mere body consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness and further on into Super Consciousness so as to enable one to understand the working of the Divine Plan.