Daniela K.


As long as I can remember, the certainty has been firmly rooted in me that there exists a higher Power which is the origin and concurrently the essence of all creation and non-creation.

When I was a child I lived in this certainty as a matter of course, however, in my youth a yearning began to grow in me. I wanted to explore what this force is and how it can be recognised. I felt that all my actions would be pointless, if I did not recognise the principle that stands behind everything.

Then, one evening in summer – I was about to learn for school – I looked out of the window. Outside, thousands of mayflies were buzzing around enjoying their physical existence. How short but it was! Right in this moment I became aware of something and I was deeply terrified of it: If a man will not recognise the deeper sense of his being and will neither live it – isn’t it just exactly the same with him? Otherwise, he is just born, he lives and is woven into his fate, at his own discretion as good as he can, only in order to die again in the end 1.

Three years had passed after this realisation when I made one night a far-reaching experience. At that time I was not able yet to classify it properly. But one thing I was fully aware of even then: it was not a dream, but something real. Amidst bright red mountains that were covered in the incredibly red-glowing light of the setting sun, an oversized Man appeared to me, sitting cross-legged, looking at me in infinite Love and reached out His hand to me. He said: Come! without saying the word and such a feeling of happiness came over me that I had never felt before. Without a second of hesitation I packed my bag within, because my flight was supposed to go in half an hour and I had ten minutes left. When I asked whether I was allowed to take someone being very close to me, I was told that there was no time for this2. Thus, I started my Inner Journey.

When I awoke in the next morning, I was enthralled to the core by the bliss that flowed through me at night. Just as it was indescribable, it was inexplicable to me. But I knew that if the Inner Man is ready, God will appear to him because the Almighty is searching for the one who calls out for Him. At that time I did not know that similar experiences are made a hundred times, yes even a thousand times by other people as well.

Much to my regret I did neither know who had appeared to me, nor did I know His name, but it was intuitively obvious to me that it was somehow related to India. Still in this assumption, believing I could find my Master in the outer appearance I went to the Institute for Indology at Leipzig University.

There I described the mountain from my vision to a professor, hoping that she, who had travelled throughout India, could tell me where this place was located. Unfortunately, she did not know such mountains and lent me books about all kinds of wise men and seers of India3. But in none of the books’ illustrations I recognised my Master. So I imagined studying in India and thus having the opportunity to seek Him. I had no doubt that I would somehow find Him.

I organised a visa to India and only needed a suitable university in order to begin my intended studies in India. During my research I was recommended to ask an alternative practitioner in Leipzig for advice who had lived many years in India herself and had been there for charity work. In this way, I met her.

During a second visit I discussed several things with her husband; we talked about Spirituality and what it is over glass of Indian chai tea in a private setting. When I had a look across the room, I was suddenly caught by a photo hanging on the wall which showed Kirpal Singh without turban and which depicted Him exactly as He had appeared to me in the vision weeks before. On that day I learned that my beloved Father was all Kirpal and I found His influence continued, though He was no longer physically alive. As I learned later, Kirpal Himself had said that photos are useful for remembrance and recognition and on that day I was allowed to remember4.

Now I no longer had to keep searching for Kirpal outside, I received the assurance to find Him within myself.

The journey of the soul actually takes place inside. The question which everyone has to ask is what to want from life. Even if one learns about the Truth it is a conscious decision that must be made, just as you have to get on the train if you want to make the trip.

Anyone can go to the Master. However, this will not lead to the solution, if you do not practise the Shabd.

Adi Granth

Kirpal is my travel companion and also my goal, because there is no difference between the Power, known as Kirpal and the Almighty Himself. I choose the Almighty and everything I thought I knew about the structure of world and life, collapsed like a house of cards, it was like a thick veil that fell off of me. The gift that Kirpal has made me at my initiation was the Inner Light and Inner Sound or Shabd or the Word.

The longer and the more intensely I listen to the Sound Current, the more It intoxicates me, lets me forget time and space and draws the soul to the eye-focus, and from there to the top of the body to the inside to enter areas and to wander in the company of the Master-Power. Kirpal once described the Sound Current as a sweet elixir and actually It is, when you practically surrender yourself to these Inner Sounds. Words let only imagine what they aim to describe, unless you have the practical experience.

From my own experience I can confirm gratefully that the different Lights, such as yellow, among other things, white or gold, are visible Inside, as well as the Inner Sounds like the bell or the flute which can be heard from the right side and lead the Soul upwards to go Home. There is no difference between people in this respect.

A part of my family belongs to the Catholic Church. When I went as a child to church with my grandmother on Sundays, I could see a common ground of the people there: They remembered that there was a higher Power. However, no one had direct contact with this Power, for a variety of reasons, be it that the desire for it did not flare up in the heart, confidence was laid in the promises after death or rituals have been accepted as a substitute.

Today I know that the True Freedom of man begins, when there is nothing between him and the Almighty. This freedom can only be achieved through the practice of the Holy Word – Light and Sound, the birthright of every human being.


Explanation: 1) Years later, after I had received initiation, Kirpal showed me that the whole creation is a procession of God, which could also be described as True Evolution; since after the Soul of the people had fallen to lower forms such as plant or animal world because of her misconduct in the beginning, the development of every living being is taking steps back to human being. And the development of the people back to God. Therein lies the blessing and the chance of our human existence. 2) Later, Kirpal showed me that each one has to go alone, that God wants only the Soul alone, without body, without mind, intellect and ego, no family, no friends, no possessions, only the Soul alone, and that there even is no time to turn around or to stay. 3) As I should realise later after my initiation, the fiery red mountains of my vision were part of the Inner Realms, which the Soul has to pass through. 4) In retrospect, I furthermore remembered that, after my first meeting at the premises of that medical practitioner, I jumped along the street for joy without knowing to explain to me in the least the reasons for this. Later, I read again in Kirpal’s scriptures, as He said analogously, that if we knew how much He loved us, we would be leaping for joy as the children.