Ines L.

A Gift which remains forever

When I was young the existence of an Almighty Power working behind all things became more and more clear to me. From then on I was interested in whatever was invisible to most people in this world. Though reading many books I could not reach to the total or origin of all being and my attention was diverted in various directions – just as if you were building many little wells but never digging deep enough to reach water.

I read about various kinds of meditation and also practised them but never found anything sublime in it. So I turned more and more often to the higher Power directly with prayers coming from my heart. I was sure my prayers would be answered – I just knew it.

Developing a great confidence in the Almighty I was confirmed in being always with Him, whatsoever may happen. But one day this invisible connection was not sufficient to me any longer.

I asked for also being visibly connected with Him. So I was finally led to the place, where I got the real visible connection with Him.

On the evening of my birthday at about 20.00 o’clock a disciple of Kirpal Singh asked me about my birthday wish. Many conversations about Light and Sound and many visits of Satsang had gone by so that I only asked for the gift of Naam and initiation. I knew that this would be the True Birthday and the Greatest Gift of all times. About four hours later, in the same night when I turned 23 years of age, I received my True Birthday Present – the initiation, it was the year 2000.

Kirpal accepted me as His disciple and put me on the Divine Way so that my soul may return to its True Home. I received the Inner Experiences of Light and Sound.

Day and Night He grants me His Grace and His protection. And whenever I sincerely turn to Him I am allowed to meet Him.

I would like to mention that Kirpal Singh showed Himself to me even before I received Light and Sound and He still does so. Sometimes I see Him in a situation that concerns me and sometimes I see Him face to face.

Once I met Kirpal within when He was holding Satsang. Another time I saw Him lovingly caring for all my virtues and weaknesses and I realised that He is the only doer in this game and I am a mere observer. He is my constant companion.

The Key to True Life

Nobody knows the real life. Only he who gets the True Initiation will have an experience of Truth.

My Body became Light

Determined and resolved I sincerely begged for Kirpal’s help and was allowed to concentrate on Inner Seeing.

I sat down upright and receptively, fixed my gaze in the way Kirpal explained it and looked permanently into what was lying before me with undivided attention and full trust into the True Simran. I saw Light, as usual, often radiating and penetrating, engaging, but this time the Light came down. I realised that I detached myself from the body, was raised above it and withdraw more and more.1 Then I saw much Light pouring in from above into the whole body and even outside the body – about three times as wide as the body. Then I completely sat in Light or saw It from above – it was only the body, the vessel sitting there. I was soul now, True Light.

All this happened without that I was doing anything – golden Light streamed through my body and gently expanded in all directions. The whole room was pervaded by this Light.

At this time I was allowed to have the same experience as it is written down in the Bible,

If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.

St Matthew 6:22

Also Kirpal Singh said that one can see his own body from above when one has risen above it.


Explanation: At this point a reference shall be made to the following excerpt from the pamphlet ‘The Sant Mat today – Preface’ which proved to be true: ‘Guru Teg Bahadur said: Everyone can rejoice in the Guru’s Love and Mercy. I do not want to disconcert anybody. Under instructions of Guru Nanak I will see that the True Name (Sat Naam) will be repeated in the whole world. […] It merely should be pointed out that even today it is possible to receive the Holy Initiation directly, by what it is possible for the soul in man to rise above the iron curtain – the human body – and to cross the Inner Realms with the help and indispensable support of the True Master – Naam or Word – to finally reach her origin, the Eternal Home, Sach Khand. Guru Gobind Singh has put it this way: He who is one and the same in the beginning and the end is the manifested Power of God, the Shabd, and that is the Real Master.’