Kirpal Singh

It is a Matter of Right Understanding

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

The people are crying for peace. How can we have it? Peace should start from our hearts. We should give out peace as prayed by Guru Nanak:

Peace be unto all the world over, under Thy will, oh God.

And for this, naturally, there must be a Spiritual Revolution.

The world is already in revolution; but this revolution should be different. This revolution should not be of the body, but against the evil propensities of the mind which keep us away from God.

This will be achieved if we give right understanding to the people at large, which will result in right thoughts. First comes understanding; then come right thoughts, which result in right speech, and right speech will result in right actions. The whole thing starts from right understanding.

You will find right understanding first lies in recognising,

that there is a Maker of the universe Who is the Controlling Power and permeates all creation. This world did not come out of itself; there is a Maker, and scientists lately have come to this conclusion, that the whole creation is controlled by some Power which is conscious.

So this is the first thing:

The whole world is the manifestation of God, no East and no West, the earth below and the sky overhead is His manifestation.

[…] We are living in Him, have our being in Him, He is in us, outside us, above us, below us. Like fish we have our existence in Him.

That is right understanding. […]

Kirpal Singh


Source: Excerpt from the Satsang ‘The coming Spiritual Revolution,’ held by Kirpal Singh, South-Florida, 1972; published in Sat Sandesh / March 1973.