Kirpal Singh


There are various views about the entering of the soul in embryo during pregnancy. There are hundreds of contacts, but pregnancy takes place only in rare cases. It is, therefore, quite rational that pregnancy takes place only when a soul enters the embryo. The soul has some consciousness in that and lives on the bliss of God afforded to him there; she loses that bliss at birth.


Children at the tender age of five or six can learn the technique of listening to the Holy Sound Current, which can be granted by the Master. Adults of over 16 years of age can be initiated (both with the prior sanction). Disciplined parents bring up zealous Spiritualists.


You may please politely request all the dear ones coming to Satsang that the young children who cannot be kept quiet during the course of Satsang should not be brought by them. Besides, the mothers of the very young ones in laps who are likely to cry or cause disturbance should also be requested to remain outside the hall, especially during meditation period when their young children will receive all the blessing of the Master-Power even if they do not attend the Satsang for the reasons discussed above. And after meditation sitting, if they ensure complete silence only then they be allowed to attend Satsang, or they remain outside. Howsoever, if you can manage to have all the young children kept together at some place outside the hall under the supervision of somebody there is no objection to it.

The silence and serenity of the house must be maintained carefully. I hope everybody will cooperate lovingly. Please convey my Love to all the Satsangis over there. 


I am sorry for the passing away of your dear father. It is the supreme will of the Lord when all of us have to leave this planet in good time. Your sense of fortitude to withstand the loss with the Grace of the Master is appreciated. You will be glad to note that the gracious Master-Power extends feasible protection for the blood and near relations of the initiate here and hereafter.