Chapter VII

Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practices form an essential part in the Spiritual Aspirant’s life and should, therefore, be a daily must. The repetition – Simran of the five Sacred Charged Names mentally, with the tongue of thought, which were conveyed orally at the time of Holy Initiation – is not a difficult task, and it carries a deep meaning. Although it looks so simple and easy at the outset to obtain proficiency in it, one needs extra Love and fortitude. You will appreciate that the Holy Names carry the Life-Impulse of the Master, Which works wonders in withdrawing the sensory currents from the body level up to the eye-focus, thus preparing the soul for the eventual Inner Journey on to the regions of bliss and harmony.

Certain hours for meditation should, therefore, be fixed, set apart, and pursued regularly and earnestly for each such repast brings in nourishment to the soul, and one is led within to the Divine Light which dispels the darkness of ignorance. It is like purifying the receptive vessel every day for receiving the Divine Grace. Daily meditations clear the gross dross that one gets at the sensuous level.

The second important part of meditation is listening to the Holy Sound Current, the Audible Life-Stream, coming from the right side.

It is equally an important aspect of the Spiritual Practices and should not be ignored or lost sight of. After Initiation, it is the disciple’s duty to enrich his Spiritual Experiences from day to day and he can certainly extend his field with the Grace of the Master to any length he may like, opening up new vistas of sublime glory and beatitude.

In short, self-introspection helps in cutting the branches and pruning all that is undesirable, while meditation – Spiritual Practices – strikes at the very stem of the tree of worldly life.

Before closing this paper, it may be worthwhile to say something about the tremendous amount of correspondence with which the Master has to deal from day to day and this work, as you will appreciate, is expanding limitlessly with the passage of time.

All the dear ones are, therefore, to be careful in this behalf. It however does not mean that you should not write letters to the Master. You are, on the contrary, most welcome to do so and particularly in all matters of vital importance when you really feel that the local representatives are unable to offer a satisfactory solution to your problems, or you wish to have instructions covering Inner Mystical Experiences on which the Master alone is competent to give advice.

But in all matters of a routine nature and guidance in daily life, it may be easier and speedier to discuss matters of local interest directly with the Master’s representatives and they, too, have His instructions to refer to Him all matters about which they may feel any hesitation to deal with satisfactorily.

Kirpal Singh